Documaster result view

Below is an example of what Documaster could look like when you open it (but without the yellow pointers)

Documents are stored inside cards. You can have more than one document on a card, but you should only do that when the documents really belong together, such as a contract with attachments, or photos from an inspection. If unsure, don’t add multiple documents to the same card. 

A card can also include a title, date and tags.

Tags in Documaster are structured, that is, they are not just free text. This structured way of tagging is what makes Documaster so powerful when it comes to organizing documentation. E.g. you can create a list of tags to represent customers, such as “Rusteze”, “Nitrograde Inc”, “Buzz Electric” etc.

In the above screenshot there is an example of a card with the title “Rocket inspection” which includes five documents. The card has been tagged with Customer: Fitzroy Traverse and Document type: Inspection.

Additionally, Documaster has something called sections, which is where you store the documents. Sections are a bit like folders. In Documaster we don’t use folders within folders, instead we use filters. 

In the screenshot above, the section is called “Projects”. You can have one or more sections, and each section can have one or more dedicated filters. Think of it like an online web shop such as Amazon: When you’re in the Electronics sections you have one set of filters, and then in the Books section you have a different set (author, genre etc).

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